C a p a b i l i t i e s


  P r o d u c t   D e s i g n

                          3dm expert level modellers can develop model of product
                          based on client's basic input.This model can be created
                          using even the most complex surfaces.

  2 d  t o   3 d  c o n v e r s i o n

                          3dm is capable to convert virtually any package of
                          mechanical, medical or electronics drawings into 3d
                          solid models and assemblies.

  M o d e l   L i b r a r y

                         3dm will assemble comprehensive 3d model  library
                         of your company products used by your clients to
                         design their own  projects, ready to be downloaded
                         from your web site.

  A s s e m b l y   T o o l i n g

                         3dm engineering arm delivers comprehensive A to Z
                         assembly tooling solutions for aerospace, rail and
                         automotive industries backed by experience since

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